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Bags and Accessories

There are lots of different types of golf bags, but for convenience, we can split them into four categories: Cart Bags , Stand Bags or Carry Bags , Staff or Tour Bags and Travel Bags.  

In a nutshell, Cart Bags are designed to be used with carts (surprise, surprise), i.e. you're not expected to carry them around, so they don't need to sacrifice design features in the cause of carrying comfort.

Stand or Carry Bags are designed to be carried manually around the course, so are lighter than the cart equivalents. The stand versions come with a retractable v-shaped tripod-like stand so they can be held upright when you put them on the ground.

Tour or Staff Bags are the kind of carry bags you see on the professional golf tours, and feature the manufacturer or brand name very prominently.

Travel Bags are simply designed to protect your clubs during transport. Think of them as a suitcase or covering for your bag or clubs.

Stand/Carry Bag or Cart Bag?
The choice between a Carry/Stand Bag or Cart Bag is a relatively simple one, since it depends entirely on how you prefer to move around the golf course. If you always drive or ride a golf car, then you can take a Cart Bag. These have handles or straps for the few steps you may have to take with the bag outside the cart.

If you do any amount of walking, then the choice becomes one of preference and price. If you choose to go for a Carry or Stand Bag, then be certain that this won't have an adverse affect on your health or game. Modern Carry Bags are designed with ergonomics and sports medicine in mind, but if you have any doubts or relevant health issues - such as back problems - consult an appropriate expert before making a choice.

If you go for a Cart Bag, then you need to factor in that a push or pull cart will add another $50-180 to the bill.

Other issues to consider:
Requirements: First thing to think about are your actual needs. How often do you play golf? How much equipment do you use on a round? What kind of terrain (and how much of it) do you cover? How many clubs do you take with you? How much space do you need for your things? How much are you prepared to spend? This will determine the size, design and features you're looking for and can afford.

Robustness: What kind of treatment is your bag likely to get? Will it be bouncing around the back of your jeep on the way to your daily 18-hole scrubland marathon round? Or are you just going out once a month for a gentle 9-hole stroll at a nearby resort? The tougher the treatment, the better quality and more robust the bag's material and design needs to be.

Color and appearance: As well as wanting something that matches your needs and taste, consider the issue of keeping the bag clean.

Storage: How much additional storage space do you need in the bag? How many pockets, holders, handles etc. will you need for the kind of equipment and apparel you like to take with you onto the course?

Height: The more your clubs are covered by the bag, the more protected they are from chafing and the elements. Check bag height if you're using extra long shafts, for example. Also, you'll need to store the bag somewhere when you're not using it (car, garage, etc.). Make sure it will fit!

Weight: How important is weight to you? If you're going to be doing a lot of walking to get round the course, maybe you need to look for a more lightweight version?

Width: The wider the bag (top diameter) the more space you'll have for storing and fiddling with your clubs. If you have wide grips or oversized clubheads, then you might consider a wider bag option.

Dividers and club protection: The better bags come with full-length, lined divided compartments to keep each club separate. Makes it easier to take out and put back your clubs. And protects them from damage. But those features come at a price.

Accessories and other features: What kind of all-inclusive extra accessories and features do you need (remember, you're paying for them in the bag price). Do you want or need a rain hood, bottle holder, scorecard clip etc.












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