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Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul

This collection of inspiring stories from professionals, caddies and amateur golfers will provide you with insights into the game of life and leave you with a whole new level of appreciation for the sport of golf. Here is a book that is for anyone who has ever enjoyed the game, from the scratch golfer to a weekend player, from a tour pro to a fan watching a tournament on television. With insight and eloquence, the stories in this book show why golf is such a wonderful metaphor for life. They demonstrate that golf can be the most powerful of teachers. It teaches us to be accepting, forgiving and humble. Golf teaches us when to press hard and when to relax and enjoy the moment. It gives us the opportunity to explore and develop virtues such as sportsmanship, honesty, courage, and persistence. Some of the stories will make you laugh; some will move you beyond words. All of them will open your heart, inspire you to new levels in your golf game and in life, and become a treasured companion.

Feeling Naked On The First Tee

This uniquely titled book is written in language the beginner can understand. Every aspect that will be encountered will be discussed. From the moment you arrive at the course to play your round, you will know how to dress, act, and what guidelines to follow. Learn about equipment, rules, etiquette, score cards, warming up, speed of play, the marshal, and more. With this essential guide in hand, there's no need to feel self-conscious or intimidated on the golf course again.

Jim Miller Golf
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