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About Carbite
Carbite was founded with the mission to use advanced materials technology to produce golf clubs that would improve scoring where it counts most.

Our tungsten balanced technology combines dense tungsten at the heel and toe with lightweight materials in the putter head. This creates a bigger sweet spot so that even off-center hits perform well. Carbite's tungsten balanced putters are used by several elite players on both the PGA and Champions (formerly Senior) Tours. In 2003, Carbite introduced the newest technology advantage in our newest line of putter, the Tungsten TRi-Weight ("TRi" for short).

In 2002, Tour players using Carbite putters averaged $86,766* in winnings per event, more than double the amount of any other leading brand, and nearly 3 times the average for all putters. These Carbite players averaged 1.754* putts per hole on greens hit in regulation, the lowest of any brand of putter used. We don't pay Tour players to use Carbite putters... they do so because they get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes!

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