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Cast Away Power Trainer

Cast-Away Power Trainer hinged practice club is a unique practice club designed to correct casting, the number one swing flaw in golf.

Here's how the Cast-Away Power Trainer works:
When the wrists cock on the backswing the Cast-Away club also hinges, and if you release the club early on the downswing, the Cast-Away straightens to alert you of the swing flaw. During practice sessions, try to keep the Cast-Away club hinged for as long as possible, maintaining the "power angle" until reaching the proper release point.

The Cast-Away Power Trainer is a unique, patent design. It is equipped with a special training grip to ensure the proper placement of the hands.
If your game suffers from a variety of mishits including fat shots, topped shots, pulls, slices, poor trajectory, or a lack of power, the Cast-Away Power Trainer is designed just for you!

The Cast-Away will teach you how to:

  • Create the secret "power angle."

  • Greatly improve distance, accuracy, and consistency.

  • Increase confidence and lower scores.

A few minutes of practice a day with the patented Cast-Away Power Trainer will forever change the way you play. Comes with FREE instructional video by Keith Lyford.

Keith Lyford, Designer of the Cast-Away, is regarded as one of America's premier teachers.

Golf Magazine just honored him with their Top 100 Teacher Award.

This former PGA Tour player was also named the 1997 New England Teacher of the Year. Keith and his staff have taught more than 34,000 golfers at the Lyford Scottsdale Golf School, and during his tenure as Director of the Cranwell Golf School and Stratton Golf Schools. Keith has written numerous articles for Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips and Senior Golfer.

Cast-Away Power Trainer will put you on your way to a powerful, repeating golf swing in no time!

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