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Grip Master

The only system designed to exercise each finger individually!

Professional sports trainers, athletes and therapists use Grip Master because of its unique ability to provide an effective isolated resistance workout. Grip Master conditions the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm with a unit you can carry in your pocket. All athletes have a common goal to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination and dexterity to ensure their competitive edge. Because of the critical nature the muscles in the hands and forearms play in the game of golf, you will find this ingenious new tool to be invaluable in your training. Grip Master will help you reach your golfing goals!

Grip Master comes in three strengths. Blue is our light tension model which is ideal for rehabilitation or players who wish to gradually increase their strength, Red is moderate tension - recommended for most golfers, Black is severe tension for those of you who eat steel wool in place of Mini Wheats for breakfast. I'm squeezing a Red model here on the right; it's really got a neat feel. Why keep your left hand on the keyboard while you're browsing when you could be improving your golf game???

Each Grip Master comes with a brochure explaining the mechanics of the hand, and includes an exercise program depicting a variety of hand strengthening techniques.

Heavy Hitter Driver

The Heavy Hitter by Gary Player has an aluminum cast head that is perimeter weighted internally with lead. The club head is sized traditionally because its wieght is balanced throughout the shaft.


LIGHT: (650 gms) About twice the weight of a standard driver. Recommended for the High Handicap player whose golf muscles are not yet developed. Teaches proper swing fundamentals. Has a GOLD band on shaft.

MEDIUM: (850gms) Recommended for the Mid Handicap player. For longer, straighter, more dependable shots. Has a RED band on the shaft.

HEAVY: (1000gms) Recommended for the Low Handicap player. A great physical workout tool. Has a BLACK band on the shaft.

Options Available

  • Training Grip
  • Standard Grip
  • Left-handed of either style


The first fundamental of the golf swing is the grip.  Most poor golf swings are caused by a faulty grip. By using Heavy Hitter with its molded training grip, it ensures a perfect grip every time.


HEAVY HITTER by Gary Player is a precision balanced club with a perimeter weighted clubhead, matched to a weighted shaft, that flexes perfectly for a natural ball flight trajectory which performs accurately.



The Heavy Hitter Makes the Most of Your Practice Time...

  • Strengthens Every Muscle Used In A Golf Swing
  • Develops A Full Shoulder Turn
  • Stabilizes Your Balance
  • Teaches Proper Weight Shift
  • Lengthens Your Swing
  • Maximizes Club Head Speed
  • Automatically Sets Tempo & Timing
  • Accelerates the learning process of the fundamentals as well as accelerating:
    • Muscle Memory
    • Muscle Development
    • Clubhead Speed

How Can I Achieve Maximum Benefits?

  • Swing the Heavy Hitter with or without using a ball, all the while concentrating on proper swing fundamentals: Swing Path, Weight Shift, Balance, Full Shoulder Turn, Grip
  • Using short periodic intervals on a regular basis
  • Take a slow unhurried take-away, and let centrifugal force draw the weight of the club through the hitting zone, for proper acceleration
  • Take that same rhythmic tempo back to your regular clubs

What is the Heavy Hitter?

Gary Player: It's among the best training clubs in the world, better than any I've ever seen!

Who should use the Heavy Hitter?

Gary Player: Every golfer, from the beginner to the pro, and that includes ladies and seniors.

Why does being the "hittable" trainer make it the best?

Gary Player: Unlike other weighted trainers, this club eliminates the boredom involved in developing and strengthening the golf muscles. This happens by actually being able to take it out on the range to hit balls, and receiving immediate feedback, or just using it at home or office. The Heavy Hitter goes above and beyond any trainer I've ever seen. A practice swing may seem flawless, but it's the swing taken at the ball that counts. It lets us do what the game of golf intended for us to do and that is to hit the ball.

Gary Player Golf Gym

What Can the Patented GolfGym Do For You?

Discover what golf legend Gary Player says is the best "golf specific" exercise/swing development program he has ever used.
Play Better, Longer, Injury Free Golf
More Yards, Less Strokes - Guaranteed

  • Developed by golf professionals and sports physiologists, GolfGym will help create proper swing habits and muscle memory by exercising golf specific muscle groups.
  • The GolfGym molded grip helps you grip the club correctly.
  • You get the "FEEL" of the perfect golf swing in your home, office or on the road.
  • Eliminate the difficulty of finding the proper swing plane.
  • Builds a more consistent golf swing to improve club control and shot accuracy.
  • Add 10 to 15 yards to your shots.
  • Promotes added strength and club head speed.
  • Develops better balance.
  • Gives you a solid golf specific workout that reduces risk of injury.
  • Hit solid shots more often.

The GolfGym System includes:

  • The GolfGym Training Unit
  • Demonstration video
  • Exercise chart
  • FREE travel bag

"Lets face it, as serious as we golfers take our game, we're more interested in the performance aspects than the health aspects of being fit. However the two go hand in hand."

Gary Player

Smart Swing Weighted Trainer

One of the hottest items on the market in the last couple of years has been the Momentus weighted training club. Due to a well-funded advertising campaign, an endorsement by David Duval, and good support material for vendors, Jim Sorenson has taken weighted clubs to a level Jerry Barber could only have dreamed of. 

As with any successful product, competition was sure to come along. The patented SMART SWING meets the needs of both the serious pro and the weekend golfer looking for better form and a few extra yards. Weighing 1¼ lbs. (20 oz.) the SMART SWING has 2 significant advantages over most of today's weighted clubs… 3 benefits actually if you start with the $19.95 price. One advantage is that any one of the six internal 'screw' weights is removable. Add to that the fact that the SMART SWING can be attached anywhere along the shaft which has a tremendous impact on the feel of the club's weight and makes it more versatile for strength training. A versatile weighted trainer for $19.95?  We think the SMART SWING is a sure thing.

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