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Training Aids

Full Swing Aids

Medicus Hinged 5 Iron

The original and best line of hinged training clubs just got even better. Now all three clubs from the Medicus line are avaialble. There are two full swing clubs used and endorsed by more than 70 PGA pros. The 5-iron is the club most people are familiar with, but the driver is a must for consistency. Both clubs have a hinge mechanism which breaks down when a flaw occurs in a players swing. This instant feedback will improve timing, tempo, takeaway and swing like never before. The new adjustable hinge lets you vary the tension of the hinge, while the green alignment indicator (on the hinge) provides visual feedback for path.

  • Our patented hinged training club is designed to "break" when a flaw occurs in your swing, giving you positive and constant feedback needed to perfect your game. Golfers of all levels continue to benefit from the unique advantages of the MEDICUS Pro. The hinged Pro club is the ideal teacher and is so universal because it responds to flaws throughout the swing and can be used virtually anywhere.
  • For home use and/or practice range training.
  • Provides instant feedback which allows you to feel and understand the proper swing.
  • Improves timing, tempo, and coordination. 
  • Helps you hit farther and straighter.
  • Benefits all levels of golfers.
  • Practice almost anywhere, any time, in any season.

    "The MEDICUS Pro is the best training product on the market!"

    Davis Love III

Medicus Hinged Driver

Hinged drivers provide the necessary feel and feedback to be long and straight for your all important tee shots. MEDICUS Pro hinged metal woods are made with the same durable and quality construction as the original MEDICUS Pro 5 iron. The results are the same whichever model you choose...learning to master the basics.

Power Leg Coil

Good leg work is an integral part of a correct body turn, and all great players have a good body turn. With this one simple device, you will be locked into the correct position over the right leg (for right handed players) ready to uncoil & strike at the ball with maximum force! Swaying or moving laterally ‘off’ of the ball makes it virtually impossible to produce consistent results for the average golfer.

By keeping the weight from moving outside the rear leg, the player is forced to rotate the upper body against the lower body, producing a coiling action. With the left foot firmly planted, the player is ready to unwind & fire at the target. Both timing and distance will be improved within minutes.

The Power Leg Coil is fully adjustable and can be used by both right and left handed players. If you want more power and greater control of your shots, get coiled & feel the energy!

Swing Extender

Designed and produced by one of golf’s leading PGA Professionals the Swing Extender was designed to be a golf lesson in itself. Improper position in the backswing is one of the most common flaws in the golf swing, and one of the most difficult to correct without a teaching aid like the Swing Extender.

By limiting the bend in your right arm to 90 degrees at the top of the swing, the Swing Extender creates a straighter left arm, a better shoulder turn, a wider swing arc & greater shot control. It is truly amazing that with less effort, but better mechanics, you can drive the ball longer & straighter than ever before.

The Swing Extender’s unique design allows both right and left handed players to benefit, as well as golfers of all ages, sizes & skill levels. Powerful combinations with other products such as the Armaster or Figure 8 Strap can be created to produce results that retrain your muscles and your own attitude toward the game.  Does anyone realize how good this product really is?Price includes video.

Swing Link

Proper sequential motion could be another description of timing; that is, having the body parts in their correct relationship to one another during the swing.  The original Swing Link helps the player to learn and retain those correct positions.

When applied, Swing Link will restrict the right arm from lifting out of position (flying right elbow) in the backswing, and will keep the left arm from separating too far from the body in the forward swing.  Teach your students connection, and get them to feel more confident with their swing.

Theil's Rhythm Trainer

One of the qualities that separates the great players from the rest of us is RHYTHM.  Perfect tempo and timing is important to accomplish with every club in the bag!

Maintaining consistency with each club is the key to preventing accuracy problems associated with variations in tempo and the cadence of your swing. You can improve your timing by using the Theil's RT-1000 Rhythm Trainer and teach yourself this consistency.

The Theil Rhythm Trainer is THE training tool for consistency, especially in your short game. This metronome like device is simple to use, and very effective. Just set it on the ground, or use the supplied earpiece and put it in your pocket. No more leaving that putt short, or hitting that 50 yard wedge shot fat. Your ball will roll longer and straighter.

You don't need to add yet another deadly variable to the accuracy of your shot. That's why the Rhythm Trainer was developed. The problem is that most golfers will slow down just before hitting the ball which will greatly increase their chances of a miss-hit. Consistency in your swing assures that this variable is in control, thereby improving all aspects of your game. Teachers of golf at every level have found the Rhythm Trainer a valuable tool and very useful; from advanced golfers to youth programs to beginning classes.

The Theil Rhythm Trainer generates audible beeps and a flashing light to practice by. It's simple: Set the dial to the number of beeps per minute comfortable for you, then swing. You will be able to judge the tempo of your swing simply by listening for the beep upon impact. Before long, a smooth accurate consistent swing will become instinctive, and your game will dramatically improve.

Figure 8 Strap

Works your hands, arms and shoulders together!

This elastic strap, shaped like a figure 8, is one of the simplest yet most effective learning tools ever developed to teach a connected, torso controlled swing. Simply slip the Figure 8 Strap over your arms above the elbows, and you will immediately feel a connectedness of arms and body. When you swing the club, the left arm will feel like it is leading the downswing while the right elbow is being pulled in toward your swing center. By keeping the elbows together, the Figure 8 Strap encourages good timing, or proper sequential motion, while helping to prevent over swinging and excessive looseness. These actions tend to help eliminate unwanted casting of the hands while encouraging a strong "big muscle" controlled swing. Practicing at home, or hitting balls at the range, the Figure 8 Strap will quickly and easily help you to build a solid swinging motion.

The Figure 8 Strap is available in 2 sizes: Standard and Extra Large As a general guideline, if you are under 200 lbs., order a standard, over 200 lbs., order extra large.

Short Flyte Balls

"Practice indoors or out!"

This is a set of three foam balls which have hard inner cores. The balls travel a maximum of 30 yards, and the foam outer shell prevents any damage to windows and other breakable items.

The inner core of the ball gives the sound and feel of a real golf ball which makes them ideal for use with our nets.  The Short Flyte balls come 4 to a pack.

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