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Our golf furniture is made by hand. The frames are made from powder-coated steel for durability and to preserve the theme, we use authentic golf club heads, irons, and grips on the feet, and handles.

Arm Chair

17" High; Tapestry seat.

C D Holder

46" High.

Cafe Table

30" High; 30" Glass

Curvy Bar Stool

31" High; Tapestry seat; Irons on Feet.

Floor Lamp

61" High.

Foot Stool

16" High;  15" x 17"  Tapestry Seat.

High-Back Swivel Bar Stool

31" High; Tapestry seat.

Magazine Rack

13" High; 13" x 20".

Oval Coffee Table

18" High;  22" x 46" Glass.

Side Table With Kidney Glass

28" High;  16" x 20" Glass.

Side Table With Round Glass

28" High; 30" Glass

Table Lamp

17" High.

Umbrella Stand

41" High.

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