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One of Golf's early note worthy professionals was the late Chester Horton. His name would be unfamilar to most, although he was a famous teacher in his day. Horton as early as 1893, was a caddy for Charles Blair Mc Donald, designer of the Chicago Golf Club , America first 18-hole layout. Chick Evans (the famous amateur who founded the Evans Caddy Scholarship Fund) later caddied for Chester who became a head professional in the early 1900's . Horton was known as "Golfs Man Of Science," and his golf column was one sydicated in 126 newspapers throughout the country. Chester Horton created more home made teaching devises to impart feel than any one up to his time. He used ordinary items like a child's set of stock rings placed on a baton. The rings would slide down when there was a pause at the top of the backswing, and then would race to the end of the stick on the completion of the forward swing. Horton constructed a Reverse-loft block wood on a golf shaft that help chronic toppers learn to strike with desent through the ball. He also used a wood shafted driver with a grip he'd formed to match the popular Vardon grip of 1910. Whenever Horton had a recurring teaching problem he would invent a gadget to help his students solve the problem.

The use of training aids is the quickest way to build "muscle memory". The aids we have chosen have been proven to be the very best. Each training aid comes with a description of what it will accomplish with regular use.Whether you are trying to improve your set up, grip, putting stroke or different parts of your swing we have a training aid that will help you.

To sum up, the use of training aides develops a feel for the correct positions in the swing and setup.When used properly, on a regular basis, training aids will help the beginner as well as the more advanced players improve his or her game.

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