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Golf Training Nets

High Tech Practice Net

Easy Assembly Durable Poly-Net
High-Impact Plastic Well Balanced
Indoor/Outdoor Use 7ft x 8ft Target Area
Completely Weather Resistant Folds in Two for Easy Storage


Made in the U.S.A.

The High-Tech Practice Net can be a very practical yet resourceful item. Resourceful for the golf enthusiast who doesn't have the time or isn't within reasonable driving distance from home or work to a golf practice facility. Using your HighTech Practice Net in the basement or backyard of your own home, will provide the convenience for you to practice on a daily basis. The High-Tech Practice Net is very practical when considering the $5.00 - $10.00 you pay for a bucket of balls at the local driving range. Imagine the beginner golfer who will spend $300-$500 just to get the ball airborne!

The HighTech Practice Net help the novice golfer develop their swing in the privacy of their own home, at a fraction of the cost. PVC Sports has designed your High-Tech Practice Net with Quality, Durability, and Price in mind. The frame is constructed of a High-Impact, UV stabilized plastic, while the netting is made of Poly-Nylon fibers. This unit is well balanced (no stakes necessary), lightweight, and easy to assemble. These features combine to give you a product which is durable, strong, and completely weather resistant.

Big Mouth Net

The Big Mouth Net provides the ultimate in speed, portability and ease of use. Folds compactly to a 36" circle less than 2 inches deep for convenient inside storage and weighs less than 14 pounds! Why waste time setting up your net when you could be practicing on your swing!

We would like to note that the first time you pop-up the net, you should be sure to have a clear area when you initially let the net 'fly'. Also, the net will not stand up properly until you tighten both black support straps in the front of the unit so support angle is maintained. The Net should look a like a reverse 'Y' when it is up. Use a range mat when indoors, or simply pop-it up outside and drive for glory. Optional ground stakes are included.

Use the net with the quickest 'POP' around and enjoy your own personal driving range anytime, anywhere!

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