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Mark O'Mera Perfect Grip

Market research has shown that an improper grip is the single most common fault among amateur golfers and one of the major reasons why they hook or slice the ball. The Perfect Grip gives players the confidence and ability to repeatedly execute one of the swings most vital fundamentals with textbook precision.

The Perfect Grip fits like a 'second skin' over your regular clubs. It lets you experience how it actually feels when you hit a ball using the exact grip techniques the world's best professionals use. And the unique T-TracTM locking system provides a rock solid fit for any club in the bag. The Perfect Grip is guaranteed not to shift during practice. The world's first fully detachable imprint of a technically ‘perfect’ grip provides a blueprint for striking the ball consistently. Expensive clubs, lessons and magazine subscriptions won’t be able to help you if you don't perfect the most crucial fundamental there is.

Each Perfect Grip includes extra tie strips, shaft alignment decals, instructions & a demonstration video with tour star Mark O'Meara. Available in the following sizes in right or left-handed models: Junior, Intermediate, Small, Medium, Large Use your glove size as a guideline. Certain models may be ‘special request’ items.

Power Glove

HAVE YOU EVER HAD GOLF LESSONS? What's the first thing the pro checks? YOUR GOLF GRIP!!

WHY? Without the proper grip, it's tough to achieve solid contact with the ball!


The POWERGLOVE'S power loop locks the club into the correct position at the base of the fingers and promotes a firm grip throughout the swing!

          Use the loop to ingrain that winning grip into your muscle memory and for regulation play,...the velcro loop easily attaches to your glove.              



 Locks the club into the correct position at the base of the fingers.
 Grips the club firmly throughout the swing.

It also:

 Prevents fingers from opening at the top of the backswing.
 Reduces twisting of clubface at impact.
 Promotes the development of a full body turn.
 Eliminates tension caused by a "too tight" grip.

The POWERGLOVE ensures that:


The white cabretta-leather gloves come in:

men's sizes: small, medium, large and extra large
women's sizes: small, medium and large

For only $19.95 (plus shipping and handling), you can get a grip on your golf game!

Formed Grips

Teaches a correct grip - instantly!

One cannot overstate the importance of a good grip. This is an essential learning aid for new players. These preformed grips make it easy for a beginner to pick up the club right the first time. These grips can be used by themselves or put on a club for actual practice hitting balls.

Why not make the teaching or learning of a new grip (and grip changes for more established players) easier with a formed grip? Grips are available for both men and women, and left-handed players.

Our new junior moulded grip is 20% smaller and shorter than ladies' formed grips.   Includes pictures of a birdie to avoid excessive grip pressure.  It's the world's 1st grip just for kids!

Grip Master

The only system designed to exercise each finger individually!

Professional sports trainers, athletes and therapists use Grip Master because of its unique ability to provide an effective isolated resistance workout. Grip Master conditions the fingers, hand, wrist and forearm with a unit you can carry in your pocket. All athletes have a common goal to develop and maintain strength, control, endurance, coordination and dexterity to ensure their competitive edge. Because of the critical nature the muscles in the hands and forearms play in the game of golf, you will find this ingenious new tool to be invaluable in your training. Grip Master will help you reach your golfing goals!

Grip Master comes in three strengths. Blue is our light tension model which is ideal for rehabilitation or players who wish to gradually increase their strength, Red is moderate tension - recommended for most golfers, Black is severe tension for those of you who eat steel wool in place of Mini Wheats for breakfast. I'm squeezing a Red model here on the right; it's really got a neat feel. Why keep your left hand on the keyboard while you're browsing when you could be improving your golf game???

Each Grip Master comes with a brochure explaining the mechanics of the hand, and includes an exercise program depicting a variety of hand strengthening techniques.

Grip Wrap

"Maintain a light, consistent grip pressure!

This elastic strap allows the hands to maintain a light grip pressure while keeping secure control of the club. The Grip Wrap is extremely useful for those players who lose their left hand grip on the club at the top of the backswing, as well as for those who find their hands separating at that point of the swing. It is simple to use, and can be used with any player on any glove.

The Grip Wrap attaches to the existing velcro strap on the glove, and then wraps around one or both hands. This promotes a great feeling of passive control and prevents regripping.


About the AccuHit

The AccuHit is a durable, highly efficient golf training accessory, composed of Sanoprene material. The AccuHit is designed to help keep the right hand out of play until needed during the swing. The AccuHit allows for the natural release of energy during a swing. Player mental stress and fatigue cause finger pincer tension, that results in a premature release of energy by the dominant muscle groups. This premature release of energy will result in an undesired swing and an errant stroke of the ball.

The AccuHit can be used by any golfer, whether a beginner or a professional. Low handicap golfers see improved performance and higher results when using the AccuHit with their driver and long irons. This is due to the driver and long irons having less loft than any other club. Square contact through the ball is harder to make, and the ball sidespin caused by these clubs inherently dominates the ball direction. The AccuHit helps to alleviate the problems caused by sidespin when using these clubs. Whereas short irons are designed for shorter distance, the loft of these clubs alleviates and offsets any sidespin that may have been placed on the ball when struck. Beginner and high handicap golfers who use the AccuHit find an improved performance when using both their irons and woods. The AccuHit allows the beginning golfer to unconsciously develop competence in the ball striking abilities by gaining the proper feel for each club.

Ease of Use

The AccuHit is easy and simple to use. Just slip the AccuHit onto the club shaft with the large end opening towards you. Proceed to slide the AccuHit onto the Golf grip, approximately one inch from where the grip meets the shaft. Only place the lower hand's forefinger and thumb onto the AccuHit. The AccuHit's cut line doesn't necessarily need to be between your thumb and forefinger as seen in figures one and two above.

Using AccuHit for the First Time

First try it out on the pitching wedge. While performing baby swings close your eyes and get a feel for the club head. Then go and hit five balls with the AccuHit grip on until you get a feel for the club and grip together. Next take the AccuHit off the club, and again close your eyes. Bring in the feel that you created with the AccuHit to the club. Now once again hit a handful of golf balls without the AccuHit club. You will then feel a true sense for the club, and your swing. After you've done all of this with your pitching wedge, graduate to test the AccuHit with your irons, and then your driver. Follow the same procedure you did with the pitching wedge, and you will gain a true feel for the grip and club working together.

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