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Training Aids

Impact Aids

On-Mark Spray

A fingerprint provides evidence to find a suspected criminal. Similarly, the On-Mark can help you identify flaws in your golf swing.

It's easy enough to understand that distance, shot shape, and direction will all be adversely affected by erratic contact with the ball. But where on the face do you strike the ball? Are your shots going short right because you hit the ball on the toe, or are you hitting a thin heel'd shot & blocking the finish? On-Mark spray can give you the clues necessary to make a swing flaw arrest and conviction.

With approximately 100 applications of a light chalk spray, On-Mark provides a quick, clean solution to accurately locating your pattern of impact. In October, Golf Digest did extensive robotic testing of the latest drivers. What did they use to identify the driver's 'hot spots' and weak points? On-Mark of course.

On-Mark contains no CFC's and may be safely used indoors or out. And it's not limited to use with your driver. You'll find it just as helpful and just as important to use with your long irons, your 'scoring irons' (great for chipping & particularly your 1/2 & 3/4 wedge shots) and of course to improve pin-point sweet-spot contact when putting.

Use On-Mark to improve ball position, alignment, setup and swingpath by spraying lines in the grass. Designate landing spots or target rings on the green. On-Mark is game improvement in a can!

Impact Bag

Perfects the most important moment in golf - IMPACT!"

Every player attempts to get the club on line & square at impact. A breakdown of the left wrist and collapse of the leading arm at that moment are two of the most common problems faced by players of all skill levels. Impact Bag is one of the most popular training aids of all time for the following reason - there is only one moment of truth in the golf swing - Impact! This device teaches the correct position and feel for that moment.

Unlike hitting a car tire or other hard object the Impact Bag is safe and has been designed specifically for golfers. Developing a strong left side while turning into the ball will help eliminate many of the inconsistencies brought on by left wrist collapse & will help bring you into a solid, assertive impact. The Impact Bag also comes with a special slice cure supplement, guaranteed to cure your slice in 60 seconds.

Using the Impact Bag in conjunction with the Self Teaching Board (for swing path & setup) you will develop virtually all the elements of a consistent, repeating and powerful swing.

The Key Wrist Support

The right hand (for right handed players) can be a good golf friend or a swing destroying enemy. It all depends on how one uses it. Ben Hogan once commented that he wished he "had two right hands", providing of course his left one arrived first. Thatís what the Key makes possible. It positions the right hand correctly, similarly to Hoganís, thus helping provide the delayed hit for greater distance and more consistent accuracy. Correct right hand release, aided by the Key, also discourages both fat and thin shots with the irons. Even putting and chipping benefits as the right hand becomes correctly positioned. The Key is pre-bent to fit the wrist position of most hands. One of the Keyís distinct advantages, however, is that it is malleable and can be adjusted to fit any hand.

Of all the important points about this outstanding product, don't overlook the fact that The Key is the ONLY wrist brace on the market that is both adjustable, and does not restrict your fingers! The player retains full manual dexterity, but is discouraged from forcing the shot with the right side.

When using the Key, start by hitting short pitch shots of 40-60 yards to get the feel of how the body rotation provides the power rather than the hands. Gradually increase the swing length until you are hitting full shots. The Key is pre-bent at the factory to a setting of 50 degrees. You may adjust the bend if desired when hitting full shots.

The Key may also be used on the left hand for feeling solid impact for either the chip, pitch, putt or full swing. You can accomplish this by bending the unit back to level and slightly beyond (to about 10 degrees beyond straight) so it encourages the left wrist to be slightly convex. It is best if you use a left-handed Key for this, since it is designed for the left hand, but the right-handed model can be comfortably used.

Don't wait another minute to improve your game. Learn Dr. Gary Wiren's Key to better golf; you'll find it's no Secret.

DriveMaster Trainer
Timing is everything!"

Drivemaster is a swing trainer with a telescoping shaft designed to teach the golfer the proper point of release in the golf swing. Right at impact, when the hands lever the club for optimum distance the shaft should extend to produce a distinctive SNAP! Alternately, the player

Drivemasterís 9oz. golf ball head makes it a great warm-up tool before practice or play. The instructional video and booklet depict a variety of ways to use the Drivemaster. This item is durable, well made & well packaged. It is an ideal tool from women golfers looking for more distance & control.

Impact Builder

The Impact Builder improves timing, weight transfer, and release.† The variable tension dial allows you to set the 'Snap' point based upon the centifugal force produced by your swing.† Ideally, the snap will be as you reach the impact area, indicating you've produced the maximum force at the point where you'd normally strike the ball.

The speed settings generally range from about 65 m.p.h. at the easiest (9) setting, to about 110 m.p.h. at the hardest (1) setting.† An early 'Snap' represents an early release caused by casting or forcing the shot.† A late 'Snap' can indicate blocked shots or a lateral weight shift known as sliding.

Pick the the Impact Builder when warming up, and you'll quickly find the most efficient, powerful swing you have in your bag!

Impact Recording Decals

Is impact the problem? These face forming decals show the player exactly where the ball is struck on the clubface. Many times, off-center shots are the prime cause of frustration producing inconsistent distance & a variety of miss-hit shots.

The decals come in a pack with 10 sheets of labels (5 labels per sheet) and should fit any club in your bag. If impact is your problem, you may not even realize where on the face you are making contact with the ball; with impact decals theres no second guessing.

New for kids are our Junior Dinosaur Decals which feature a large meat eating dinosaur at the center of the decal. The objective is to get kids to hit the meat eater (with the ball), before he can eat the other four plant eating dinosaurs. Kids love them.

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