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In 1991, T.J. IZZO introduced the Dual Strap Carry System, and golf was changed forever. By 1994, Frank Thomas, Techinical Director of the USGA, declared the Dual Strap to be one of the four greatest innovations in modern golf including Metal Woods, One Piece Balls, and Graphite Shafts. Today over 98% of carry bags use a Dual Strap and the innovation revolution is far from over.

Our Product Development Staff works diligently on new and clever solutions to problems that all golfers face. In 2004, IZZO GOLF's new products range from easy glide carts to disappearing travel covers, to ultra light carry bags.

All bags are designed to hold clubs. Only IZZO GOLF offers a Course Management System; bag designs with the viewpoint focused on how golf is played… How clubs are used… How to get the most out of a round… How to invisibly support the golfer's game. After all, a perfect bag should perform all of those tasks… our ultimate goal.

This year IZZO GOLF is launching the largest collection of bags in its history. Each new model offers unsurpassed comfort, design innovation, and is packed with features. From the large Buddha cart bag with its sleek contemporary lines, to the ultra light Spirit, each will delight the owner with an intelligent use of space, exceptional ergonomics and choice of designer fabrics and colors.

IZZO GOLF adds innovative solutions to the game with a full line of Traning Aids. All are designed to solve the most common and challenging problems. IZZO GOLF Training Centers will help the golfer select the correct tools to fix their faults. Inside every IZZO GOLF training aid is a tip book designed by the editors of GOLF MAGAZINE®, the game's most widely read publication. From high-tech lasers and practice nets that open in an instant to training clubs that will improve distance, IZZO GOLF will help you "BE GOOD".


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