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Proper Plane Aids

Bill Harmons Plane-EZ

The Plane-EZ™ Golf Swing Trainer can revolutionize every aspect of your game. From putting to driving, it's one of the best products you can buy!

The Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer combines an internal elastic strap with a solid adjustable yoke. This technology gently restrains the golfer's arms, yet allows a freedom of motion not found in other training aids. The unique
"push-pull" action causes the wearer to make a full shoulder turn and to swing "on-plane" every time! 

The Plane-EZ Golf™ Training System includes the Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer™ and a 35 minute instructional video featuring Bill Harmon, one of GOLF Magazine's® Top 100 Teachers in America, and Cindy Reid, PGA and LPGA Teaching Professional. Instruction covers 5 lessons on the most important aspects of your game:

Grip        Full Swing        Bunker Game
Chipping        Putting

"The Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer™ is the simplest, most effective training aid I have ever used. By maintaining the arm triangle throughout the swing, the Plane-EZ™ allows the golfer to feel the blending of the arms and body together, so the club stays on plane. I can't imagine ever giving another lesson without the Plane-EZ™."

      - Bill Harmon, GOLF Magazine® Top 100 Teacher       Director of Golf, Bighorn GC Palm Desert, Ca

"The Plane-EZ™ allows the golfer to feel the pendulum motion that is essential for putting and chipping. It is equally effective on the full swing. I would recommend the Plane-EZ™ to anyone."

   - Cindy Reid, PGA and LPGA Teaching Professional         Director of Golf, TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra FL  


"Defies the Law of Slice" SM

Most golfers (80%) slice the ball because they swing "over the top", that is, on a steep, outside-to-inside swing plane. Until the golfer learns to swing along the proper swing plane or path, slicing will be a continual problem. The key to swinging on-plane is to maintain the arm triangle formed at address throughout the swing. By preventing breakdown in the distance between the golfer's elbows, the Plane-EZ Golf Swing Trainer™ maintains the arm triangle and encourages an on-plane swing time after time. You too can learn to "defy the law of slice" by letting the Plane-EZ™ teach you the benefits of a consistent, on-plane golf swing!

Dual Track Trainer

The swing plane has received a significant amount of attention in recent years, having been a much ignored fundamental in the past. Many modern teaching professionals now spend much more time focusing on this misunderstood swing element. Most people only think of a swing plane as being either upright (like a ferris wheel) or flat (like a merry-go-round). Most of us have seen Hogan’s famous plane of glass image from his "Five Fundamentals" book, where he says the plane should move parallel to the imaginary sheet of glass laying on this shoulders and resting on the ground at the ball, the club never breaking the glass. This, however, is only one possible effective plane, and many great players have violated Hogan’s principle. Jack Nicklaus, Bruce Lietzke and Hale Irwin are only three examples which come to mind.  The important fundamental among these players is that their approach to the ball is still from the inside (relative to their setup). This principle of swing path is also a major aspect of plane. For example, if one swings back on too flat a plane (the most common error), and then returns on too steep a plane (the usual result), the swing path will most likely be from out to in, producing the popular slice. PGA professional Hank Haney, among others, teaches that the downswing plane drops slightly inside the backswing plane, producing a strong inside path.

While many factors influence the plane on which you swing (e.g., spine angle, right forearm position at the top of the backswing, degree of arm/body connection, and amount of knee drive), there is a great training aid that can help improve the swing plane without excessive  focus on these mechanical aspects. The Dual Track is a plane and path trainer, which can be adjusted to any individual as to the flat or upright preference of their swing. Once set, the player simply swings back along the two guide rails. As the club shaft passes the waist high point of the backswing, the entire Dual Track collapses behind him or her, allowing a full, inside downswing. This unique characteristic actually allows the player to hit balls without the risk of striking the device during the swing.

Continued practice with the Dual Track, especially under the guidance of a teaching professional, will help to develop a correct, consistent plane. The many benefits of improved contact, direction and distance will be well worth the effort.

Face Angler

Face Angler is an effective, simple tool made to check your club's face angle throughout your swing.  No more looking up at the club head at the top of your swing. Follow the 6 steps outlined below by golf training professional Mark Steinbauer to learn the proper muscle memory needed to perfect your swing.

Use Face Angler together with swing path training aids and you will be able to train for the two critical elements to a good swing; swing path and club face angle.
You can also use Face Angler together with video equipment to get a good idea of what is happening at impact during a real swing. Since the hands and grip are going much slower than the club head, it is possible to see much more detail during a swing, particularly near impact. With the Face Angler installed, you can zoom in on the hands/lower chest area during a taping sequence and note the club face angle by looking at the Face Angler.

Face Angler can be aligned with the club face on the club head side or opposite the club head.

Half Circle SwingTrainer

The Half Circle Swing Trainer permits student and teacher to monitor correct swing plane & shaft angle. By keeping the shaft in continous contact with the dual arcs, the player allows the club to travel on proper swing plane while maintaining a correct shaft angle.

The Pre-Swing Set Up, Arc, and Plane of the golf swing are the most important and basic things which must be learned by the beginner golfer in the early stages of learning. Just as important are these basic fundamentals for the intermediate and advanced players, to re-train these proper positions of the golf swing. Using the Half Circle Trainer will help create a consistent set-up position and the muscle memory necessary to perform a more repetitive golf swing. The Half Circle Trainer will adjust in seconds to fit any club in the bag. Keep the club head flush to the ground. Position the dual arcs so that the shaft is in contact with both arc pipes, in your set-up position. Set your body up square to the trainer, then begin to swing the club back and through making sure the shaft of the club remains in constant contact with both pipe arcs. This procedure will cause the club to travel on the correct swing plane, while maintaining the proper shaft angle.

The Half Circle Trainer can fold up flat in seconds for easy storage, and is lightweight (20 lbs.) for easy transport. The frame is constructed of a High-Impact UV Stabilized plastic, making it strong and completely weather resistant. Practice with the Half Circle Trainer at home or on the range just a few times a week, and you are sure to see GREAT IMPROVEMENT in your golf game!

Plane Sight Laser

Plane Sight is an innovative golf training aid.  One of the keys of every golf swing is the swing plane.  The swing plane can be thought of as an imaginary piece of glass extending from the ball over the golfers shoulders.  It is shown in blue in the photo to the right.  A golf swing that is on plane will follow a path parallel to this imaginary piece of glass as shown in red.  While this is not hard to understand, it is very difficult to visualize.  Trying to see or feel where the club is during your backswing without stopping or looking up is nearly impossible.  Some have tried large circles of PVC pipe to swing over.  This works well but is not  very practical.   It is large, expensive and not very portable not to mention what it does to those graphite shafts! 

A golfer who is not swinging the club on plane will find it very difficult to strike the ball well. 

Another popular diagnostic tool is to take the camcorder to the driving range and video tape your swing from behind.  Then while watching the tape, you can hold up a pencil to check your swing plane.  This will show you what your swing plane looked like earlier.  Unfortunately this is long after you were swinging and you won't be able to make changes very quickly like this.

Here is where Plane Sight comes in.  Plane Sight is a small laser device which easily attaches to almost any golf club.  The laser light will show you where the butt of the club is pointing.  It's a training aid which can be used with your own club.  It works for all golfers - men, women, seniors, juniors, left handers and right handers!  The laser light will show you where the butt of the club is pointing.

As you swing the club, you will see a red laser line.  You will actually see three distinct laser lines - one during your backswing, one during your downswing and one during your follow through.  This gives you three points during your golf swing at which you can now see your swing plane.

Plane Sight will show you your swing plane each and every swing while you swing.

With Plane Sight, you can make adjustments to your swing and receive immediate feedback.  Now you can practice and play with the same club - no more fake feeling practice clubs.  Plane Sight is a truly universal training aid.  Buy one and it works for all golfers - men, women, seniors and juniors, left hander and right handers.

Plane Stick

Eliminating the "over-the-top" shot - is there any tougher swing flaw to correct? When we speak of this "over-the-top" shot, we are referring to the golfer who takes the club excessively to the inside on the takeaway and compensates by coming outside on the downswing. Teaching professionals commonly refer to this as an "over-the-top" shot because the path of the club goes outside the desired plane line and across the target line through impact, instead of straight down it.(Fig. 1)

An ideal swing path is one in which the club is taken back on a more outside or straight back path on the takeaway to a slightly inside path on the downswing. This creates a swing plane, which allows the club to stay on the target line longer before and after impact. The result is a ball flight that starts down the target line or just right of it.(Fig. 2)

A golf club swung on the correct swing plane gives a golfer the best chance of hitting shots that repeatedly go straighter and longer. Research has shown that 90% of all amateur golfers suffer from swing plane related problems. It was with this in mind that we began looking for a way to correct swing plane problems faster and simpler so that students see improvements in their ball striking within minutes not months. THE PLANE STICK does just that!

Swing Machine
Adapted from the popular PVC Halve Circle Trainer, the Full Circle Trainer has the same spring-pin adjustment to create the perfect plane for the chosen club. High impact UV stabilized plastic, making it strong and completely weather resistant.

Your Pro Swing Trainer

As seen on ESPN and the Golf Channel!

Your Pro Swing Trainer is guaranteed to correct the slice, reverse pivot, and much more. This free standing training aid has foam covered horizontal arms that are placed in a variety of positions to assist you in making a proper swing to correct a number of common faults. The Swing Trainer can be used with or without golf balls. The instruction manual gives you 10 lessons covering the following major problems: slicing, hooking & blocking, overswinging, reverse pivot, topping & balance problems, head movement, swaying, wrist cock, too wristy when chipping, putting problems. 

Includes demonstration video intended for teachers.  All you need is 15 minutes a day to improve your swing for a lifetime.

EZ Plane Trainer


Ben Hogan referred to the swing plane as a "three-dimensional road map" for the golf swing. It's that invisible, imaginary, sloping, circular path that is carved in the air as the best golfers make their swing. Understanding this concept is vital if you want to develop a perfect golf swing and, of course, hit great golf shots.

All professional golf instructors endorse the swing plane concept and many use the "invisible sheet of glass" analogy to represent the swing plane. Think of it as a channel in space, several inches thick in which the club travels during the key parts of the swing.

The golf swing is "on-plane" as long as either end of the club is pointing at the target-line throughout the swing. The target-line is the line that extends from your target back to your ball and beyond.

If we project a beam of light from either end of the golf club, parallel to the shaft, it would trace the target-line throughout the entire swing. If either light beam (head-end or grip-end) strays from the target-line it would indicate being off-plane and would suggest corrective action be taken to improve the swing. By seeing your own swing plane in action you could rapidly develop the perfect golf swing.

The EZ Plane™ Swing Trainer makes your swing plane visible to you while you are practicing. The EZ Plane™ Swing Trainer projects highly focused beams of light from both ends of any golf club. With the high visibility target-line supplied, you will be able to see exactly where your club shaft is pointing throughout the entire swing. The swing trainer works with any golfclub ... drivers, woods, irons and putters. Nothing to install - no moving parts. Simply place the EZ Plane™ Swing Trainer in your hands and pick-up the club of your choice and you are ready to swing ON PLANE!


1. Select the club you wish to practice with. Turn on the lights at both ends of the EZ PlaneSwing Trainer by screwing the lens down.
2. Simply place the EZ PlaneSwing Trainer in your hands as you grasp the club handle with a normal grip. The narrow end should be pointing down, away from your body.
3. The taper of the club handle fits perfectly into the trough of the EZ PlaneSwing Trainer so you won't even know it's there. Now you are ready to practice your swing "on plane".


The most common problems that players face can be avoided by retraining yourself with the EZ Plane Swing Trainer. Make adjustments to your body and club position during the swing to ensure your club is on-plane. With each correction, try to mentally record the "feel" of the correct on-plane motion that will keep you hitting it long and straight.

Remember, golf is an easy game. Keep it that way!

Right Angle 2

You know, most of us are real right side dominant. Think about it. So many of our daily activities -- from brushing our teeth to eating a meal -- are done with the right side. In golf, this can cause problems.

Moreover, I have found that many of you out there are unsure of the role of the right arm and right side in the golf swing. Make no bones about it: the correct positioning of the right arm and right side are essential for swing consistency.

Enter The Right Angle 2 ®.

    Here's what it does for you:

  1. Allows you to get the club hinged correctly in the backswing.
  2. Positions the right arm correctly at the top of the backswing.
  3. Generates both width and extension for a more powerful, on line move.
  4. Encourages a proper release that generates maximum centrifugal force... and that means more clubhead speed and that means longer, straighter golf shots.

I have seen this amazing product turn chronic slicers into golfers with a lovely draw.

So... if you want to improve your ball-striking abilities, spend just five minutes a day with The Right Angle 2 2 ® can practice at home or on the tee.


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