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Training Aids

Putting Aids

Bee Line Putting String

The Bee Line Putting String provides a simple, portable way to practice most of the important elements of your putting stroke. The major aspects which can be addressed using the Bee Line are path, face angle, set-up and alignment, line reading, and stroke speed. All you do is simply go to the practice green, unroll the string, stick the Bee Line skewers into the green, extending the string between them. It is best, especially at first, to do this on a fairly level surface. Later, you can use the Bee Line to practice reading breaking putts also. It is not necessary to align the string to a hole, as the skewer at the end can be your target, but this target skewer can be placed directly behind a hole if you so choose.

Place your putter behing the ball, aligning the face to the Bee Line String. You may set the colored beads for length of backstroke and followthrough. It is recommended that the folow through length be approximately 50 percent longer than the length of the backstroke.

High Tech Putting Track

The High Tech Putting Track can really help you achieve your putting goals. The inconsistent and unreliable feedback that comes from conventional putting practice makes it very difficult to truly improve your stroke without the use of appropriate learning aids. The High Tech Putting Track dramatically helps because of its combination of kinesthetic and visual feedback.

The PVC rails can be adjusted to be slightly wider than your putter head, and when your stroke is off line the putter will hit one of the rails giving you physical, kinesthetic feedback, and automatically teaching you a straighter stroke! The bright yellow string above the track gives additional visual feedback about path and face angle, while the colored beads on the guideline and the measured reference lines on the rail can help teach length of stroke and acceleration.

While other putting tracks are available, they often have fewer features, and their cost can be two to three times that of the High Tech. If you’re serious about improving your putting, the High Tech Putting Track is the economical solution that can make your putting practice really productive.

Medicus Hinged Training Putter

Putt like the pros.  The patented Medicus collapsible hinge training system can now do wonders for putting.  Located just three inches below the grip, the adjustable hinge promotes a slow, rhythmic, pendulum-like shoulder stroke.  One of the keys to great putting is to keep the stroke together.  Putt with consistent grip pressure, and don't allow the small muscles in the hands and wrists to controle the putter. 

Medicus putter promotes a stroke, not a jab.  If you stroke too quickly or too handsy, the shaft breaks down.  For home or the practice green, players will get immediate feedback and develop the feel of a world-class putting stroke.   Left handed model available by special request.

Mentor Putting Mirror

"Improving set up and consistency are keys to good putting!"

The Mentor Putting Mirror is a simple, portable mirror which can be used indoors or out to improve your set-up, alignment and path…three crucial elements of putting. Simply place the Mentor Mirror on the green or on the carpet, and set a ball in the cutout at the end of the mirror.

Proper set up to the mirror shows your eyes directly over the target line and your putter face perfectly square. As you stroke the ball, the mirror works as a guide for your putter path on the backstroke and throughstroke.

Carry it in your golf bag to use during warm up before you play, and you will quickly develop good alignment and visualization, while working on sound putting mechanics.

No 3 Putt Cup Reducer

" Makes the cup look like a bushel basket!"

This cup reducer fits snugly inside the hole to make your practice cup smaller, and does not damage to the green. Golf pros have long known the benefits of putting to a smaller practice target: many of them have used dimes on the green as they warmed up. The No 3 Putt Cup Reducer has the added benefit of actually allowing you to hole putts, thereby experiencing the successful sound of the ball dropping into the hole. The addition of the smaller inner ring make the hole even smaller, having the psychological effect of making a standard size hole seem much bigger than it actually is. This effect can be a very powerful confidence builder on those crucial two footers.


Easily master the elements critical to a pure putting stroke!

The foundation of the PUTT RICH Platform is

1) the use of the eyes to position the ball relative to the body

2) position the body relative to the putter head and target line while squaring the putter face

3) to observe the putter position throughout the stroke.

The PUTT RICH Platform provides the guidance to develop the discipline to execute perfect putts consistently with the added feature of marking the ball to give instant feedback concerning the quality of each putt. After a while it is likely that you will be able to "call" your putts.


"For the exact moment your putter face is square!"

The PUTTron is the finest putting face indicator on the market. PUTTron’s infrared alignment system will let you know immediately when your putter is properly aligned to the target by emitting a steady "beep" or a green indicator light. Just attach the small mirror to the heel or toe of your own putter, align it properly with PUTTron, and you’re on your way to sinking more putts.

QUOTE: "Research shows that 97% of golfers are not aimed close to where they think they are. PUTTron gives you the training and confidence to use any putter and use it well." -

Bob Murphy

Plexi Putting Track

For a perfectly smooth stroke. The purpose of the Plexi Putting Track is to develop a repeating stroke. The track is set at a slight angle allowing the putter to follow a natural pendulum arc. To use simply align the track to your target and insert tees into the holes to secure it in place.

The ball should be placed on the outside of the track at the mark above the GAW logo. The numbers on the track serve two purposes. First they can be used as reference points for consistent foot placement. The eyes should be along the ball's intended line with the toe of each shoe across from a number that feels comfortable. Also, the numbers should be used to develop a consistent accelerating stroke. The takeaway should be about 2/3 the length of the follow through (eg. take the putter back to 6 & through to 9). Mental reminders on the track will also help improve confidence when facing putts on the course.

Putting Connection

Master a pure pendulum stroke!

The industry standard for arm connection during the putting stroke, the Putting Connection defines and maintains the triangle between the shoulders, arms and putter grip.

It is well known the most consistent stroke utilizes the large muscles of the shoulders and back and torso. These large muscles produce a smooth broad motion akin to drawing a wide arc on a chalkboard. It is the small wrist and hand and finger muscles that produce the quick, sometimes jerking motion (writing words on a chalkboard) that get the player in trouble.

To produce a repeatable pendulum motion, the player must strive to reduce the number of levers used. Ideally, the arms would hang directly below the shoulders and the shoulders and the arms, hands and shoulders would work together as a single unit. The Putting Connection helps reduce tension & establishes the connection necessary for the player to learn this stroke.

The Putting Connection works equally well for the short game and will immediately improve the player's ability to strike the ball consistently. Adjustable in width to fit any player's size or style.

Sweet Spot Clips

Set of 3 progressively smaller adhesive clips are used to increase the players awareness of the center of percussion of their putter. Most players are not aware just how important this aspect of putting is. A study from guru Dave Pelz showed that if the player struck the ball more than 1/4" off of the center of percussion from a distance of just 8 feet, they would miss 95% of their putts. This is if everything else (stroke path, face alignment, distance, lie angle, were perfect! Although most amateurs have a strike pattern WELL outside this range, they might not be sure how to practice and improve this critical skill.

Remember - you will NEVER become a great putter unless you learn to consistently strike the ball in the same place on your putter - preferably the 'Sweet Spot'.

To use the Sweet Spot Clips, simply find and apply the clip with the prong over the center of percussion. Miss-hit shots will shoot erratically to one side or another while centered strikes will be rewarded with a true roll down the target line. Applies with double sided tape (included). Developed by former Pelz Senior Instructor Dick Hill.

Accelerator Putting Mat

Studies have shown that the vast majority of players are unable to square their putter face to a given target. In addition, players may aim in different directions as the length of putt varies. It is not uncommon to find a player that aims 3 inches left of the target at 5 feet, but a foot or more right of the target at 20 feet. Without proper feedback individual variances in optics, setup and length of putt make squaring the putter face virtually impossible. The patented Accelerator mat provides the feedback you'll need to learn this critical element in putting. Simply setup to the squaring lines at 3, 5 and 7 feet, square your face and stroke the ball with confidence. Model 2 (Deluxe) shown here features a gravity ball return.

Butch Harmon Putting Insight

An acrylic mirror with etched reference lines used to monitor ball position, setup, strokepath & alignment. To use the Putting Insight, place a golf ball on the center of the mirror. There is a small hole drilled in the center for this purpose. With the ball in the center of the Putting Insight, the player will be able to check his/her eye alignment always ensuring the eyes are along or slightly inside the target line. The shoulders may also be monitored, as well as the putter face & path during the stroke. It is important that the head does not move during the stroke! The Putting Insight measures 7.5" wide x 14" long and may be used right or left-handed.

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