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Putting It In Persepective

Golfers with a high degree of skill and success can develop an overblown sense of their own importance.

Helping put a golfer’s achievements in perspective is this essay written in 1978 by Patrick Caton, 10 years of age, from Bermuda.





I was feeling rather embarrassed.  Here I was, an adventurous golf ball sitting in a shop window with everyone staring at me.  I would rather be knocked about a golf course than sit here doing nothing.


It was nearing my third day in the shop window when I was bought.  I thought I would finally see a golf course.  The buyer took me to this house and put me in a golf bag.  I found another golf ball who told me that there was a golf tournament the next day.  I then fell into contented sleep thinking that at last I would see a golf course.


At the tournament I was taken out of the bag and teed off with a mighty “Whack.”  I sailed down the fairway and landed with a thump on the grass.  My owner came up and sailed me away again and again.


After the first few holes I was feeling sore.  I was dirty and exhausted from those mighty “Whacks and Thumps.”  I wanted to rest but my owner wouldn’t allow me.  I just had to score hole after hole.  As I neared the eighteenth hole, I felt that I was going to fall apart.  I was not used to this rough treatment.  With a last “Whack” – I landed within two inches from a ten-foot putt.  My owner putted me into the hole and took me out again.  The spectators cheered wildly, whistled and stomped their feet.  When I looked around and saw this, I muttered slowly to myself, “I do all the work and he gets all the credit.”


Editor’s Note:

So, if any of us who teach or should those who enjoy our instruction, happen to temporarily master the game, remember – “Nothing is ever accomplished alone.”


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