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Training Aids

Short Game Aids

Wrist Arrester

Put a lock on your stroke!

The small muscles in the hands and wrists can be used to develop great touch around the greens, but when a player’s hands become tired from play, those small muscles aren’t as dependable and can flinch. Ideally, putting and chipping strokes should use the larger shoulder and back muscles to develop a repeating pendulum stroke with little room for error.

Wrist Arrester separates the hands with a second ‘clamp on’ shaft. By doing so, unwanted wrist motion is eliminated. The results are immediate; even after 3 or 4 strokes a player can transfer the new pendulum motion to any shot around the green. This is one of the best values you’ll find for its productiveness.

Chip N Pitch

Chip N Pitch is a teaching apparatus that can improve the accuracy of your short game. In a round of golf, the average golfer 10-30 handicap only hits 3-5 greens in regulation. The golfer's ability to use the pitch or chip shot determines the outcome of a low or high score for every hole in every round.

Chip N Pitch makes available to all golfers a tool which has been used by teaching professional for years. This training apparatus is an improvement of one of the most widely used teaching techniques for the chip or pitch shot. Teaching professionals have retrofitted wedges for years, making them longer in order to teach their students the proper form for chipping and pitching. Unfortunately, none of these tools are portable nor do they allow the student to use their own club.

Chip N Pitch's portability allows the golfer to practice the correct form for the chip and pitch shot at any time or any place. Chip N Pitch attaches the end of the grip and provides immediate feedback during practice.

Chip N Pitch is a teaching apparatus that works and is less than the average price of a dozen of golf balls!  

Splash Board

SPLASH BOARD: Indestructible Lexan board with graphics depicting bunker technique make getting out of the bunker & developing confidence easy. By using the Splash! Board the sand wedge will slip easily under the ball and teach you how to use the flange on the bottom of a wedge to your advantage! Comes with supplemental instuctions from Dr. Wiren on how to play difficult shots.

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