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Short Shots Around The Green

Ball above feet


                Tendencies                                                                              Adjustment


- Ball will go left                                                     Aim right, or open the face

- Chunk                                                                                   Shorten grip, make practice swings, weight toward balls of feet


Ball below feet


- Ball will go right                                                   Aim left, or close the face

- Top or blade the shot                                                           Sit deeper weight on heels, make practice swings, stay down



- Shot travels high and short                                   Aim right, take straighter-faced club.


- Shot pulls left and hit behind                                               Lean into hill, take practice swings, follow terrain




- Push shot to right                                                 Aim left, or close the face

- Hit behind, skull or top                                                        Position ball back, sit more in knees and follow slope


In the adjustments to the short shots, notice that an option was given to open the face instead of aiming right or to close the face instead of aiming let.  This is possible, of course, in the full swing as well.  On a full shot, the player could also block the release when the ball is above his feet to counter a hook, or roll his hands to counter a slice when the ball is below his feet, though the latter solution is quite difficult and not generally recommended.  The teacher’s role should be to help the student find the easiest way – for that student – to overcome the situation.



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