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Training Aids

Stance and Setup Aids

Large Range Mat

Take advantage of a super low price on this deluxe oversized range mat.   Features durable turf with backing suitable for indoor or outdoor use.   Eliminate the problem of having to hit with the ball raised a couple of inches above your feet.  The player above is over 6' tall & still has plenty of room to move around. 

Normally mats of this quality are sold for $150 - $200 dollars.  Get years of enjoyment in your basement, garage, or yard with the mat that gives you a perfect lie every time. 4 x 6 Feet.

Magnetic Lie Angle Tool

Many people simply do not understand why a ball does not go to their intended target when they are playing from an uneven lie with the ball above or below the feet.

To demonstrate the change in face angle when elevating or lowering the lie, attach the Magnetic Lie Tool to the face of a short iron. Then demonstrate the direction the pointer faces when the sole is flat on the ground in a horizontal plane as opposed to being tilted forward or back. The visual demonstration is quite revealing.

The Magnetic Lie Angle Tool will show:

  • When the face is square, open or closed.

  • Where the face is pointing on a side-hill lie.

  • How a player has to adjust stance or be fitted to keep club lie angle consistent.

Small Driving Mat

Pictured above is our standard 1 x 2 driving mat which is great to toss in with  the Auto Golf Net.


A template that snaps onto a golf ball used for marking a precise line. The line is then oriented toward the target which provides a reference when addressing the ball. Although primarily used when putting to aid the player when squaring the putter face, the line can also be useful when addressing tee shots. Line-M-Up is made from unbreakable Lexan plastic and includes a small permanent marking pen.

Foot Wedge

The Foot Wedge is a high-impact plastic wedge designed for use on driving range mats and grass. This product was developed to teach proper balance, the most over-looked area of the golf swing. Especially helpful in reducing swaying and maintaining a steady swing center by keeping your weight on the insides of your feet. You will find learning these mechanics critical to good bunker play. Foot Wedge is also helpful in chipping and pitching to keep weight on leading foot. A great warm up device to work with before you tee it up!

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